This is the REAL ME Bio.

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My name is Sherry Boyer.

I’m a dreamer…

a prolific reader…

an occasional cook…

a pattern see-er…

a traveler…

a guide…

a dog lover,

a happy step-mom…

madly in love with my husband…

a people equipper… an empower-er…

and a really successful pet care facility owner.

I like bacon. And chocolate.

I speak Japanese. And have been known to dance sporadically. And I like to make up words.

I enjoy camping in my new fancy cab-over camper with my hunky hubby. Because, hello, tent camping just doesn’t cut it anymore. And he likes to tow a boat, or his Jeep, so no… a fifth wheel won’t cut it.


I wasn’t always happy like this. Especially not in my pet care business. I was overworked, exhausted, overwhelmed, had staff drama, and certainly wasn’t making enough money to pay myself much, much less well. I thought of selling it, more than once. And I didn’t. I had a loyalty to the dogs, and their people, and my staff, and I just plain refused to quit.
I may have been late on rent. But I never missed payroll.

I love people. I’m one of the apparently few dog people who really likes people. A lot.

ALL of my work, ultimately, is about helping people step into and take a stand for their value.

And then watching them GET that…

in the form of more revenue,

less hard work,

happier clients,

and more freedom to do whatever is most in their hearts and souls.

Because valuing ourselves…and being valued is a wonderful thing.

You might wonder “who am I to charge that much…” And I ask you, who are you to not?

You may be having a difficult time getting your business to that place you can it be… and at the same time…

You know you can do this. You just don’t always know how.

You are a business owner. This is not a hobby.

You are not to be walked over, or not heard by your clients or your employees.

You are not doing the wrong things. YOU are not wrong.

You are so much more than that.

You have amazing things to offer your clients, their pets, and the world.

You already do.

And I can almost guarantee you that you are undercharging for your incredibly important services.

I used to undercharge. I was also overwhelmed and exhausted. At the time, I couldn’t imagine people paying me that much money. It wasn’t even in my idea of what was possible.

If you are anything like me, you didn’t come into the pet care industry with a degree in Business.

You came into this biz with 100% heart.

And soul.

And a really hard work ethic.

And a vision of what could be.

And you are likely on your way. You might be making low 6 figures, high 6 figures, or are well over the 7 figure mark.

Perhaps you are really happy RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.

Or you know, deep inside your heart, that there is an easier way to do all of this.

That is what I do.

I guide pet care business owners to the easy way to do this. And profitable. All while staying true to your vision.

I have a 7 figure dog boarding, daycare and training business. That I still own.

I work 100% on that business. Not in it. I cannot remember the last time I had a mop in my hands. That wasn’t always the case.

We have systems and processes in place. My employees are amazing. We do not have drama in our ranks. We charge higher prices than anyone in our area, and frankly they are higher than facilities in higher income areas around us.

I no longer believe that it’s about the economy. Or the area in which the business is located. Or that people just don’t have the money. None of that is true in my world.

This did not come overnight.

I took $750 in 2005, and invested it into starting a dog training business.

That little business took off. And over the years, in stops and starts (I am nothing if not honest- it has been a real slog here and there!!) we are now a 7-figure pet care business.

I believe in hiring coaches and consultants. It was a difficult moment in time when I had to admit that I could NOT do everything. Gosh dangit.

And now I coach and mentor some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Their courage inspires me every day.

I believe in taking risks, and following my heart.

And I believe in YOU. That you CAN have exactly what you want.

I am so excited about what we will be able to do together!!


The Mostly Traditional Bio

Sherry Boyer has been in the trenches in the pet care industry, taking $750 to start her dog training business out of her home in 2005, and turning that into a hugely successful 7 Figure boarding, daycare and training facility. She went from almost having to close her doors during the tanked economy in 2008-2009, to thriving with a business that not only continues to grow, but one that she can run from anywhere.

Sherry has a B.A. in Anthropology and Japanese; is a published author in the Japanese language in a Japanese Academic Journal on The Cultural Constructs of Time; and did attempt an 18 month stint at the corporate life as a technical translator for a major semiconductor test equipment company. She speaks fluent Japanese.

She interned privately with an MD in Japan who specialized in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and was actually granted hospital privileges with him for 2 years.
She ran a successful human massage therapy practice near Santa Cruz, CA for 2 years.

And then her heart led her to the dogs. She studied with the pioneer of canine hydrotherapy, and worked for her without pay, for 2 years. She is certified in Canine Kinaesthetics. She also interned with a classical homeopathic physician who specialized in pets, also for 2 years. Her background in canine and human health, while certainly alternative in perspective, is extremely deep.

While Sherry is a practical business owner who gains great joy from guiding others to success, she is also a fun and intuitive guide for the people who join her on this journey.

She specializes in mentoring both struggling and successful pet care facility owners to become extremely profitable and joyful in their businesses.

• Sherry has won the STARS Award for Coaching Excellence 2 years in a row
• International Association of Women in Coaching, Member
• Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach
• Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach
• Multiple Dog Training Certifications
• Wealthy Mind Certified Trainer
• NLP Master Practitioner Certification